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 HomesGrown- A Living Room Knees Up!

What is it?
A live interactive variety show on Zoom for the adult learning disability community, their carers, families and friends.

How do I get involved?
Step 1:
Book your tickets (just £5 each!) – get your eventbrite link and password from Kyla or Hannah (contact details below)

Step 2: You will receive an invitation pack in the post with party preparation activities to get you in the party mood!

Step 3: Meet Elspeth (your host) and your fellow party goers for a pre-party tea and biscuits on zoom.

Step 4: Enjoy a festive house party (with friends) from the comfort of your own living room!  Mingle, play games, dance, sing and share your creative art.

Click here for a Knees Up taster:

Knees Up Dates: 

Friday 27th November 3pm(SOLD OUT)

Friday 27th November 7pm (SOLD OUT)

Friday 4th December 3pm (SOLD OUT)

Friday 4th December 7pm (SOLD OUT)

Friday 11th December 3pm (SOLD OUT)

Friday 11th December 7pm (SOLD OUT)

Friday 18th December 3pm (SOLD OUT)

Friday 18th December 7pm (SOLD OUT)

Friday 22nd January 7pm (SOLD OUT)

Friday 29th January 3pm (SOLD OUT)

NB: Advanced booking is essential as each participant will receive an invitation pack in the post (ideally) 10 days before their Knees Up.

To find out more about this project and how to book tickets please contact Kyla on [email protected] or call 07833 594098

Or Hannah on [email protected]

Supported by Cornwall’s Adult Learning Disability Service, NHS, the Hall for Cornwall and Kneehigh Theatre.

This project was developed during lock down (number 1) to creatively enliven and re-connect individuals in supported living accommodation, hubs, and families.

The development of this event was supported by Kneehigh Kitchen, a new skills development strand, inspiring and training the artists and theatre makers of the future.