Endless featuring N:Dless- Coming 2019

Endless featuring N:Dless

Trifle Gathering Productions are excited to announce their bravest project to date merging film, comedy, documentary and live music into a tale of very little sex, a smattering of drugs and the many disorders suffered from a life in rock and roll.

The story of this band begins with two young men beneath the strip lights of a university bar. Dressed in their dad’s suits and fusing folk music with wasp drone recordings, this delusional duo weren’t destined for much. But following a rocky road of discovery involving a synthesizer, women band members and lots of music practice, they re-formed and quickly became one of the most influential electronic pioneers of the 20th century.

N:Dless were thrust onto the electronic music scene with chart topping hits such as ‘Penguin in a Sparrows Nest’ and ‘Sushi Waitress in an Ice Cream Van’. Their debut album ‘Fur Coats in the Desert’ did really, really well and they toured a small section of the globe.

But all good things come to an end.

Following a 7 year hunt for missing band members and funders withdrawing all financial support, Placebo Pictures have managed to complete this potentially award-winning documentary on Jobseekers Allowance. A touching insight into the battle between ambition and reality. Placebo Pictures invite you to take a peek into the extraordinary minds and social anxieties of the phenomenon that is, or was, N:Dless.


A reunion is on the cards but is a reunion what they want, is a reunion what we want?




I have nothing to say about this show as it isn't made yet but when it is made i will definitely have a lot to say.

Lee Trewlela