About us

Trifle Gathering Productions produce comedy theatre, street theatre and immersive theatrical experiences.

We are a core creative team of two; Sally Crooks and Kyla Goodey. We share a fascination for the study of human behaviour which in turn can make us seem intrusive but we are actually exploring people for our art …we promise…no but really.

Trifle Gathering’s brand of humour is entertaining, irreverent, clever and saucy. We tell peculiar tales exploring the secret worlds of life’s unsung heroes. Inventing theatre that transports audiences away from the complexities of everyday life to a comfy space where they can laugh and cry at the complexities of other people lives.


Kyla Goodey

Kyla trained at Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre and Clowning with Mick Barnfather.

Sally Crooks

Sally studied at Ecole Philippe Gaulier and St Marys College receiving a BA Hons in Drama. She has recently received a diploma in Counselling and therapy.

Kyla Goodey Credits

Acting Credits Include

946 Adolphus Tips, Tregeagle, Don Quixote – Kneehigh, Gastronomic and Pleasure Gardens- Hoodwink, Quasimodo, Twelfth Night and The Chairs – Miracle Theatre, Hamlet - Cube, Evening of Trance and Rap, Dancing Diggers Roadshow, Office Christmas Do and Charity Shop Cabaret -Trifle Gathering Productions, The Thing about Psychopaths, Sex and Docks and Rock and Roll and Big Society - Red Ladder, Wolfs Child – WildWorks, Streaming – Pipeline.

Director/Co Director Credits:

Private Lives- Cube, Charity Shop Cabaret, Evening of Trance and Rap and Great Dark Gathering – Trifle Gathering Productions, Wolfs Child - WildWorks, Lessons in Love- Carmen and Mimi.

Assistant Director/ Producer Credits:

The Yule-Tide Arc-Ive and A Great Night Out - WildWorks, Romeo and Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, The Frightened lady, Time Machine and Aladdin- Miracle Theatre,The Masked Ball, Performance producer-Arc Live.

Writing Credits:

Charity Shop Cabaret, Ogden sisters, Office Christmas Do and Dancing Digger Roadshow- Trifle Gathering Productions.

Sally Crooks Credits

Acting Credits

The Office Christmas Do, Get Digger with the Dancing Digger Roadshow, A Curious Evening of Trance & Rap with the Ogden Sisters, Zodiac & The Charity Shop Cabaret - Trifle Gathering Productions. Zonk FM, Beauty & the Beast from Mars, The Revenge of Rumplestiltskin, The Taming of the Shrew & The Great Silence - Miracle Theatre, Beauty V’s Beast & Madame Lucinda’s Wondershow - Rogue Theatre. 

Directing / Assistant Directing Credits

The Trench - Collective Arts, The Magnificent Three & Bah Humbug - Miracle Theatre.

Managing and Producing Credits

Co-Produced all of Trifle Gathering Productions work since 2007, Oxygen- Dreadnought South West, A Pleasure Promenade commissioned - Princesses Pavilions Falmouth, A Great Dark Gathering (Arts Festival) -Trifle Gathering Productions and Scary Little Girls, For King and Kernow -Collective Art, The Masked Ball- Arc Live.

Trifle Gathering’s work is entertaining, witty, energetic, clever and very very funny. They bring professionalism and energy to community events. Their reliability and professionalism are extremely valuable; it means that, as an event organiser, you can be confident that they will provide first class entertainment on time and on budget.