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"I'm not really sure the band name helped us…psychologically speaking"

Malcolm aka Yellow Jacket, N:Dless.

This band were one of the most influential and controversial electronic pioneers of the 20th century bringing us remarkable hits such as Penguin in a Sparrows Nest, Sushi Waitress in an Ice Cream Van and Ripe for the Restroom.

Their first album Fur Coats in the Desert sold over 100 copies in the midlands and they won Battle of the bands in Oakhampton 1991.

But all good things come to an end. Following an unexpected split back in 1998 fans and colleagues were left free falling, no explanation and so many unanswered questions...until now.

This show gives you a little peek into the extraordinary minds behind the award winning band N:Dless.

Trifle Gathering Productions are excited to announce their bravest project to date, fusing film, live music, documentary and comedy into an epic tale of sex, drugs and anxiety disorders.

N:Dless Music and Exclusive interviews
‘Endless featuring N:Dless’
will be touring winter 2017


"truly funny and engaging"
Total Theatre

"a trio of female Tommy Coopers"
Venue Magazine

"We are in the territory of Spike Milligan, a bit of Python and a fair smattering of the Goons"
Fringe Review

"semi-anarchic, deadpan whimsy and surreal raconteuring"
The Stage

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