Cornwall's leading exponents of delirious wit. We produce user friendly theatre, cabaret and events for absolutely everyone. 

With imaginative storylines, beautiful characters and original concepts we invent vibrant worlds for our audiences to get wrapped up in. 

Portraying life's absurdities through anarchic slapstick humour, our left-field approach usually includes interactive elements. But don't worry we use sensitive methods, offering only those who want to a chance to actively participate.

‘We are in the territory of Spike Milligan, a bit of Python and a fair smattering of the Goons'— FRINGE REVIEW

‘Hilarious, engaging, whacky and, crucially, appealed to just about everyone – young and old alike’ – Steve Ryman, Newlyn Fish Festival Programmer

‘Anarchic slapstick, with a touch of pathos.’- Andy Hazzlehurst, Golowan Festival Director

‘Zany, off-beat, comic, left-field, good timing… we enter into their fantasies.’

 – Tim Smithies, River Fal Festival

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